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Suzie the Single Dating Diva, MA


Suzie is an accomplished writer of an award winning site, published academic author and public relations & communications professional from Ottawa, Canada. Her education and experience stem from a background of interpersonal communication, dialogue, and public relations.

She holds both a Bachelor and Master of Arts from the University of Ottawa specializing in communications and human interaction. Her skills and knowledge have brought her much success in everything she does because she has a talent of taking very complicated situations and making them simple. Because going on dates doesn't make you a dating expert, she uses her 20 years experience helping people market themselves better online and offline in both my writing as well as my work with singles.

She is the founder of Single Dating Diva, an award winning blog about the single and dating life where she lets you in on the lessons she's learned along the way from her extensive dating and life experience. She teaches others how to navigate the dating world successfully to find happily ever after as she did.

Suzie appears frequently on various radio and television programs, as a guest speaker at trade shows, as well as several online seminars, as a dating expert.

She has a special way of always bringing out the best in others and in finding the most favorable options for every difficult situation while encouraging my readers to always be true to themselves. She brings all these skills and experience into her dating consulting business as well - where she offers master classes, seminars, help with dating profiles, online dating support and by helping clients by being a sounding board in their dating life as their dating coach.


Suzie helped me market myself better to women. I wasn't really putting my best foot forward on dates and it was affecting my dating life. She helped me determine what made me stand out from the crowd and we updated my look as well as my body language. I've since been much more successful in my dating life.


I was serial dating, guy after guy, on what seemed like thousands of first dates without any chemistry. Suzie challenged me, if my date sparked even a bit of interest and attraction, to go on a second and third date. That helped me out of my rut and my dating life is much more successful now. I've met someone I'm really interested in but I wouldn't have given him a chance before this because we didn't have chemistry on the first date.


Suzie gave me a whole new perspective about dating and partner selection. I was dating jerk after jerk but, as it turns out, I was the one choosing them. When I did her dating history activity I realized that I spent many years making bad dating choices and suffering for it. When I changed my dating habits I found love. Thank you Suzie!


Finding someone compatible for me was very difficult. Suzie helped me pin down what was really important for me in a partner and what wasn't (also what was realistic and not). After working with Suzie, I applied what she taught into my dating life and found love! I met a great man who is a great companion. Thanks for your help Suzie.


I was stuck in a toxic dating situation with a man who essentially was leading me on and using me for sex for several year. He manipulated me into staying with him by telling me what I wanted to hear over and over again. I chose to stay because I loved him and believe that despite everything he loved me too. Suzie helped me realize that I was worth more and that by letting go I would find someone who treated me the way I deserved. She was right. I needed Suzie's tough love and support and I'm very grateful for her help. Several months later I found love with a man who treats me the way I never realized I deserved.


Francesca Dattilo, MSW


Francesca Dattilo, MSW helps her clients create the freedom for life balance and harmony. She highly values love and connection and experiences most of her joy in relationship with others. To help her clients more fully connect to their joy, she helps them attract and create soul love.

As a "heart-set" coach, she shows her clients how to shift their "heart-set-point" by teaching her clients how to have stronger and more positive emotions, so they can more quickly attract their ideal partners.

Francesca has been in the field of personal development and well-being for the last 25 years. She is not only a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, she also has a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a previous psychotherapist who is extensively trained in a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; an approach that helps people master their emotions.

Francesca is an expert in assertiveness training and has taught many of her clients how to communicate effectively to improve existing relationships and to lay the foundation in building new relationships.

She knows first-hand the power of the Law of Attraction. She credits the Law of Attraction in manifesting the love of her life, James. They have been together, living and loving in complete harmony for the last 10 years and grow more in love each day.

Currently, Francesca provides workshop on the Law of Attraction in Attracting and Creating Soul Love. She has been a regular contributor to the on-line magazine "Power2doit" as their Law of Attraction Expert and has been a contributor to a local Ottawa publication, "Neighbours" Magazine. Francesca is also the author of the e-book, "My Tenacious Heart: Truth Telling Taking this Entrepreneur Home".

Find out more about Francesca by visiting FrancescaDattilo.com.


I had been single for years... After only 6 months of working with Francesca, I met someone who matches my ideal partner list. It is so easy with him, so natural, so smooth, and there is so much joy. I never thought it could be this way. We are making long term plans together. Thank-you Francesca, I would not have been able to get to this place without you as my coach

Lynn Barry, Ottawa, ON

As a result of working with Francesca, my partner and I have a new found intimacy; a deeper connection...If I had not reached out to her when I did, I am certain we would not be together today.

Maggie Bazini, Calgary, Alberta

...Francesca taught me how to have those tough conversation in my relationships, while creating the healthy boundaries I needed... She taught me how to love and accept myself fully and therefore surround myself in healthy relationships

Crystal Evans, Calgary, Alberta

Francesca's Law of Attraction coaching and assertiveness training gave me focus to remove blocks that were limiting my success. I no longer jump to say "yes" to everyone else's requests. She has taught me how to remove beliefs that prevent me from getting my wants and needs met with more empowering thoughts. I now realize that by not asserting myself I am robbing myself from achieving goals that are important to me.

Gina Maddalena, Ottawa, Ontario

Francesca was extremely helpful focusing on what I needed to do to get on a clear path of attracting my life partner. She was very skilled and supportive in helping me to eliminate resistance blocking me from moving forward on my goal. I really enjoyed the work in creating a desire list of characteristics for a partner. I read this frequently for several months after we stopped our sessions. This time I felt different, lighter and clearer about where I was headed when I decided to put myself out into the dating arena again. After 15 years of being single, I finally met my current partner and we are a great fit!

Christine Belleville, Ottawa, Ontario